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Notes on the Nuance of Writing Real Life

Guilt and gratitude!

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When I have a chance to record something, I will! And it will live here.
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On this first episode, in about 15 minutes I discuss how writing about hardship can seem a lot like complaining without accountability and what I hope you, and others, gain from my sometimes painful honesty.

-P.S. I’ll do my best to post transcripts soon.

Transcript (In Progress)

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“Welcome to the Cerebellum Podcast”

“Hi, it’s Bellamy. I’m going to try to do this podcasting thing I opened the tab for on my Substack many months ago and I still haven’t actually recorded anything.

After my last post, the essay that I wrote yesterday and really didn’t proofread super well. *Chuckle* But after that I—and a few, not all the time but sometimes I wonder am I just complaining, am I just whining? Do I sound spoiled and entitled or what is is about me that makes me believe my life should be easy when rarely is anyone’s life is easy?”

“And, I think part of what causes me to write the way I write is the general rage that no one’s life is easy and that everything is so much harder and more complicated than it should. So I wanted to just talk a little bit about that and a little bit about where I’m coming from. And how I perceive my own writing and what I hope people are not thinking when they read it.” Chuckle.

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